What is a Neuropsychologist?

Criteria to become a Clinical Neuropsychologist

The clinical neuropsychologist (minimal criteria) has:
1. A doctoral degree in psychology from an accredited university training program.

2. An internship, or its equivalent, in a clinically relevant area of professional psychology.

3. The equivalent of two (fulltime) years of experience and specialized training, at least one of which is at the post-doctoral level, in the study and practice of clinical neuropsychology and related neurosciences. These two years include supervision by a clinical neuropsychologist.

4. A license in his or her state or province to practice psychology and/or clinical neuropsychology independently, or is employed as a neuropsychologist by an exempt agency.

At present, board certification is not required for practice in clinical neuropsychology. Board certification (through formal credential verification, written and oral examination, and peer review) in the specialty of clinical neuropsychology is further evidence of the above advanced training, supervision, and applied fund of knowledge in clinical neuropsychology.

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